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“Because of Dan’s presentation, the team is better prepared to grow existing business, build relationships, and have better confidence when speaking with their merchants.”
— VP of Sales, Groupon

Improvisational comedy is the single best preparation for your 9-5 job. Period. 

It's not about being funny. For many of us, work is trial by fire and any instruction manual is long gone. By repurposing conflicts as opportunities and by building up rather than breaking down, we completely change our approach to everyday communication and problem solving.

And it will restore hair growth and make you taller. 

“Engaging, entertaining and informative. Outstanding session.”
— South by Southwest Conference Attendee

"2 People Are Crying & I'm Not: Improv in Any Career"

The training is a version of an original presentation given at the 2015 South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Conference in Austin, TX. Selected from over 3,300 entries, it reached a sold-out crowd and received audience ratings of 4.6/5 for Topic Relevance, 5/5 for Content, and 5/5 for the Speaker. Click here to learn more. 

“One of the best sessions of SXSW. Next year he needs a bigger room!”
— SXSW Attendee

The session has been given to various organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Learn more about a fit for your group

“I’ve had trillions of trainings in my 4+ years at Groupon and this one was by far the most entertaining and engaging. I found a ton of relevance in what you spoke about. Wonderful!”
— Groupon attendee

A training session backed by work. And play. 

Dan Killian is an Account Director at FCB Chicago, viewing challenges through the lens of 1-1 marketing, social psychology, and human-centered design. His professional and improvisational backgrounds include: 

  • Leading work for brands like Coors Light, State Farm, Cox, and Jack Daniels
  • Managing national TV, radio, email, digital, and direct mail campaigns
  • Performing as a 3-year member of Davidson College's selective improv troupe, "Oops"
  • Completing levels A-E as well as various improv courses at the Second City Training Center in Chicago, IL

He received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Davidson College and also holds a Minor in Spanish. 

He has a mildly respectable vertical jump. 

“Relatable. His 3 steps are easy to remember and....I even shared the information with my kids who are in early stages of their careers.”
— NBC Attendee

To discuss a fit for your organization, email improvinanycareer (at) or reach out below: 

“All too relatable to my everyday life. I really enjoyed having him and he totally changed the atmosphere in the room. It takes a special person to take on a room full of sales people.
— Chicago Tribune Attendee